I have served my country in the US Air Force Reserve state side and overseas.  This was also the mechanism for funding my education, earning my undergraduate degree in International Business from Florida International University in Miami.  Although Florida was alluring, I decided to come back home and make a difference in the community that I love.

I believe in assuming responsibility and not leaving it up to someone else to do the work.  I see something needing change, and if no one is doing it, I set about to do the work staying in it for the long haul.  I have chosen to be a Big Brother and have mentored my “Little” since 2002.  I make sure that my “Little” has a variety of life experiences from camping to theatre.  Now I am a full-time father of twins.

Community Involvement:  Ezekiel is a co-coordinator of the Sacred Heart Homes Association.  Additionally, since 2000, Ezekiel has served on the Steering Committee for the Westside CAN Center.  He advocates at the City and County level on behalf of neighborhood Issues and concerns.  As Chair of the Tony Aguirre Community Center advisory Committee, Ezekiel works to assure that KCMO/Parks and Recreation as well as the Staff of the Tony Aguirre Community Center meet the needs of Westside residents and the guests and customers of the Parks & Recreation facilities in the neighborhood.

Education issues are important to Ezekiel, and one day he hopes to go back to school to earn a Masters Degree.  In the meantime, he serves on the Board at Our Lady of Guadalupe School.  He was chosen by past Governor Holden to serve on the Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs where he was Chair of the Education Committee, assisting with the creation of the by-laws and annual report.  In 2002 Ezekiel formed the Grass Roots Organization whose intent is an education advocacy group.  A bill is currently pending sponsorship with the 2006 State Legislature.  Ezekiel served as a founding member of the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s (NSHMBA, 2002-2003). 

Civic Engagement:

In 2003 Ezekiel was tapped by the Mayor of Kansas City, MO to sit on the KCMO/Board of Zoning Adjustment.  This is a prestigious and important Board which impacts economic development and neighborhoods throughout Kansas City, MO. As a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, he served as Vice Chair - Public Policy.  Previously Ezekiel was Chair of the Kansas City Hispanic Business PAC, which develops, researches and lobbies for legislation important to Hispanic businesses. 

Ezekiel was a certified Missouri Voter registrar and consistently asks people if they’re registered voters, offering to help register them if needed.  He has been active in various Political Club and has worked on several political campaigns, which led him to enter politics.

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