Greetings and welcome to my personal web site.  As a highly motivated professional with extensive hands-on experience and proven track record in neighborhood, community, city, state, and national public policy functions, I am uniquely qualified to serve the interests of my neighborhood.

What this web site does not fully reveal is the integrity, leadership, drive, determination, commitment and high energy level I possess and will apply towards exceeding the mission, purpose, goals, objectives of our neighborhood.  During the last several years I have had extensive community involvement with the Sacred Heart Homes Association, Westside Planning Committee, Westside Community Action Network, Kansas City’s version of community policing and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City’s Public Policy Committee.  I also have led numerous research and advocacy efforts for local, county, state, and federal issues that affect our community and city as a whole. 

As you’ll see from the following listing of civic involvement, I play an active role to positively affect my community.

Recently, I was part of: 

  • Citizens Police Academy 2008 (45 hours Training)
  • Ran for KCMO City Council 4th District seat
  • Testified at City Hall in support of extending the moratorium on billboard expansion
  • Down Zoning - Westside and Sacred Heart Area organizing, lobby, and public testimony
  • Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA - City of Kansas City Missouri) - Member
  • Kansas City Museum Advisory Board – Member
  • Westside CAN Center – Steering Committee Chair work with Neighborhood Preservation Division (NPD)
  • PIAC (Public Improvement Advisory Committee) - Successfully advocated for several projects in the community (Alleys, spray park, community center, storm drain)
  • Tony Aguirre Advisory Committee - Chair ($1 million remediation of building, events, fitness addition, staffing, and programming)
  • Kansas City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee’s research team, which assisted in the development of Missouri Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – BIG since 2002
  • Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance – KC Roundtable active member for more than four years
  • Capital projects -  (CIMO) stop light issues, traffic studies
  • Code violations - Crackdown on Housing Code Violations, work with codes to preserve and maintain our affordable housing stock, work with the community to improve deteriorating properties and blighted conditions
  • Crime Prevention/Crime statistics – Work with WCAN center law enforcement officers, Deputy Chief, and Chief
  • Tow services - Regularly we go through the neighborhood to report abandoned vehicles or respond to neighbors’ phone calls
  • Curbside Recycling - Participated in community meetings and lobby elected officials
  • FOCUS Centers - Participated in the Westside FOCUS Plan
  • Neighborhood Advisory Council Community Calendar - Responsible for handing out newsletters to the Westside
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe School Board Member (Web site, budget, alumni, and adding business partners)
  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) - Founding member

I am certain my enthusiasm for learning new skills coupled with my proven organizational and time management abilities would be an asset to the neighborhood.   

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail zekeamador@aol.com to set up a personal tour of our neighborhood or an invitation to listen to your unique neighborhood issues.


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