These are my responses from my campaign questionnaires



Over the past several years I have successfully championed these three issues:

    Neighborhood Services

    Public Safety

    Parks & Recreation

If elected I will focus on:

    Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvements

    Neighborhood and Community Services

    Parks & Recreation

City Budget

Budget Process.

My understanding of the City’s budget comes from several years of participating in the process of successful neighborhood engagement.  Every year I testify at the City’s budget hearings on behalf of several departments. Those departments are the Neighborhood and Community Services and Parks and Recreation.  As to the practical understanding this is outlined in each copy of the budget.  I would encourage more citizens to participate in the process.


Budget Priorities.

Over the past several years as a successful neighborhood advocate I have lobbied for more efficient use of funds in Basic Services, Neighborhood and Community Services and more funds towards Parks & Recreation. The perspective that I have on the priorities has to do with my holistic background and training.  The three top priorities if elected is a focus on deferred maintenance and capitol improvement, basic services for neighborhoods, and public safety.

Economic Development Incentives.

My position was influenced by the changes in the area that I live which is the historic Westside and the proximity to the Downtown and Cross Roads area.  Without tax incentives I believe that we are hard pressed to attract development, which in turn help the city grow.  We should be prudent and judicious regarding the use of tax incentives, using the statement “But For” as we allocate these incentives and demonstrate fiscal stewardship.  We should use these incentives to jump-start development and not sustain development.  We must also maintain a balance and if we are going to use these tools we should focus on the Troostwood area and the third district.

Basic Services

Basic Services.

I would reverse the level of citizen dissatisfaction identified in each of the three priority areas through communication, good customer service with the delivery of services in a timely manner, better interdepartmental scheduling of work, demand respect for taxpayer dollars regardless of where those dollars come from, Federal dollars are not ‘free money’ they’re still taxpayer dollars that deserve to be spent wisely, judiciously and respectfully.



Over the past year I have noticed improvement of the City’s Action Center and now with the 311 it makes it more efficient.  Citizen satisfaction quotient could be improved with a more aggressive education component.  Some of the dissatisfaction comes from the fact that many citizens do not know how to access City Hall.  An examples that I have personally experienced is that of abandoned cars specifically in the area of I-35 and 27th street under the bridge and just knowing which jurisdictions to call are critical.



It should be a high priority because it has the power of determining the quality of life the look and the feel of our city.  I have years of experience in this area; I have served on the KCMO BZA (Board of Zoning Adjustment) and served in a leadership position in the Zoning of our neighborhood.


Parks and Recreation

I have several years of experience working with Parks and Recreation staff.  I worked for P&R part-time as a mechanism to work with the youth of my community.  Also, I serve as the chair of the Tony Aguirre Community Center Advisory Committee and we were responsible for the one million dollar remediation to the center.

Parks are a city’s #1 amenity. All great cities have a great parks system, Paris, London, New York and Chicago. The recreation system to me is one of our community safety nets. This system should provide safe, affordable recreational /sports activities to our children in need. I look at the Recreation Department as a key crime prevention tool, which we have successfully demonstrated in our neighborhood.

I have concerns about the autonomy of Parks and Recreation and would like to see more accountability. I think an independent audit of the Parks and Recreation would identify efficiencies, along the lines of the Police Department’s Berkshire Study.


Public Transit.

Most world-class cities have a comprehensive multi-modal public transits system.  I have lived or traveled in some of the largest cities in the world so I am familiar with public mass transit and I have a favorable opinion.  The electorate has spoken regarding this issue and I believe that Kansas City’s solution lies with the next generation of technology.

I support the light-rail plan voters approved in November 2006.  Yes, I do support going back to the voters with a revised and workable light-rail plan that makes sense, methodical, well thought out and lawful manner for the best of the city.  The specific changes would depend on what authority we can actually perform.

Flood and Wastewater Control.

I dedicated a considerable amount of time researching this issue and I attend the Wet Weather Community Panel Meetings that effect 4th district as well as others. This is a mammoth issue and there must be several or multi funding mechanisms to place the least burden as possible on taxpayers who may not have the means to take on an additional tax burden.  I believe the compilation of my experiences has given me the stamina, the fortitude, patience and courage to be on the team that will direct this project.


Deferred Maintenance




Deferred Maintenance.

First and foremost we should make it a priority and commit to spending the funds allocated. New project should have their own revenue stream.


As a successful neighborhood advocate I am extremely familiar with the PIAC process. Twice a year I present several applications at both the district hearings and the Citywide hearings. I have actively lobbied my representatives regarding what PIAC has done in the past, what is currently being done with PIAC monies and the future request of the neighborhood. One of the recommendations for the process would go along a picture diagram process so that all citizens may better understand the process.

The citizens voted for this tax to be used in the neighborhoods. They did so with the assurance that the independent citizen review process would be respected.  Recent events have put that trust in jeopardy. Should the siphoning off of funds for neighborhood priorities and the disregard of the PIAC committee’s recommendation could put the future renewal of the tax in jeopardy.


Public Safety


As with any service provider the police department should always be looking for ways to improve service. One of the Police Department steps was the commission of the Berkshire study. Recently, Police Chief Corwin held four town hall meetings to discuss the police departments “A Blue Print for the Future” the presentation is based on this report. I believe we should give the Police Chief and the Police Department time to begin implementation. The Berkshire report stated that we have a good Police Department and have the capacity to have a world-class law enforcement agency.  The capacity to create this world-class agency is a direct result of the oversight structure. At the moment the Police Department is over seen by five Kansas City citizens appointed by the Governor. One of the members of this committee is the Mayor.  Additionally, the Police Department receives over sight by the state of Missouri, which is made up of a Governor and two legislative bodies that include Kansas City representation. The Police Department has the latitude to do its job of maintaining order without the distraction of petty politics.


Economic Development


From an in-district perspective I would have to say Troostwood and then the south part of the district to plan for the baby boomers retirement. As a holistic and broader prospective I would have to focus on the third district where all the vacant lots are. This gets back to previous thoughts as we, KCMO take a look at ourselves. Who are we and who do we want to become? Do we have an identity issue. Where do we want to go? We will have to take a look at the trends in the nation do our homework and research and then implement.



For the last several years the Downtown has been the priority.  It appears that the downtown development has reached the tipping point and there seems to be a self-sustaining momentum.  Additionally it will be very important to market and attract events to ensure the success of this investment.



My position on tax incentives has to do with the area that I live which is the historic Westside and the proximity to the Downtown and Cross Roads area.  Without tax incentives I believe that we are hard pressed to attract development, which in turn help the city grow. We should be prudent and judicious regarding the use of tax incentives, using the statement “But For” as we allocate these incentives and demonstrate fiscal stewardship. We should use these incentives to jump-start development and not sustain development.

I would recommend that we educate ourselves as to who appoints the TIF commissioners and who they are.


Your role as a Candidate and as an Elected Official

Goals.  Why do you want to serve as Council person?  What abilities do you have to apply to leading a $1.1 billion municipal corporation? 

I have experience and a proven track record in neighborhood and community development.  I believe I am the only candidate that has actively been engaged in the process of working with city organizations that directly affect the quality of life for 4th district residents.  I have lived in the 4th district, all of my life. I was born in the 4th District, I graduated from elementary school in the 4th district, I graduated from middle school in the 4th district, I graduated from high school in the 4th district and I attended college in the 4th district. To me the 4th district is the heart and soul of Kansas City, and I plan to represent this district as your personal agent at city hall. Let me tell you about the experience I bring:

- Close and direct involvement with the police department.  I currently chair the Westside Community Action Network board.  Community Action Network centers or CAN Centers are KCMO’s version of community policing.  The CAN center model  are assigned two KCMO police officers and one KCMO property maintenance code enforcement officer. At the Westside CAN center I have created partnerships with other business, social service and faith based organizations to reduce disorder, blight and crime and spur economic development.  I have seen first hand how working closely with our police department and others on problem solving can reduce crime and stabilize neighborhoods.  I will work with you in your neighborhood to address your issues.

- I served on the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA - City of Kansas City Missouri) for several years and heard several hundred of cases.  That opportunity gave me broad incite from the perspective of developers, of city staff, of attorneys, and importantly the perspective of diverse neighborhoods.  I will use this experience to assist your neighborhood as you look for opportunities to work through any issues regarding development.

- Zoning - I took a leadership position in my neighborhood to protect the our single family and affordable housing stock and to manage neighborhood development.  In order for our neighborhood to preserve its unique character we downs zoned.  Should your neighborhood face quality of life zoning issues, I will be there to walk you through the maze of bureaucracy that often accompanies the process.

- PIAC  (Public Improvement Advisory Committee – this committee makes the determination of how millions of dollars are spent in neighborhoods).  I have presented on behalf of the Sacred Heart Homes Association and the Tony Aguirre Community Center to this committee to obtain resources to enhance my community.  I understand this process well, and as your council person, I would appoint a strong advocate to this committee to assure the 4th district receives its fair share of the money.  It’s no secret that the 4th district pays huge amounts of property taxes, boulevard taxes, etc.  I want to make sure you receive your share of city money.

- Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance - I serve and use this organization to collaborate with city wide neighborhood leaders to advocate for services for the entire city, paint program, dumpster program, additional code enforcement officers.  This experience has provided me a valuable network of neighborhood leaders.  I know and am very familiar with all of the 4th district leaders, and based on my participation in this organization, have a good understanding of the needs of 4th district neighborhoods.

- FOCUS Centers – The FOCUS plan was a citywide plan (Forging our Comprehensive Urban Strategies) that was developed to create a strategic plan for development in Kansas City.  I have participated in the Westside FOCUS Plan, and through it have developed a strong working relationship with Parks and Recreation.  Parks and Recreation is a very large and powerful organization within the city.  I will use my outstanding relationship with this department to do what I can to assist all 4th district neighborhoods to receive any necessary attention to enhance their park facilities.

In closing, I am a Kansas City kid, born and bred in the 4th district.  I love this district, - I delight in the unique character of each 4th district neighborhood.  I acknowledge our common needs and goals as well as those issues specific to individual neighborhoods.  I will use all of my city, community, development, and business experiences to represent you and your neighborhood, to make sure you receive your fair share of tax money and improvements.  As a full-time council person, I will work tirelessly.  I will not disappear after the election.  We’re a team and I want to be your captain, so I ask for your vote on February 27th? Thank you.

Personal time commitment.

I plan to be a full-time council person.



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